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Syracuse University Ambulance

Off-Campus Emergency: 315-443-4299

Syracuse University Ambulance (SUA) provides EMS response and transport services for the Syracuse University community. When a serious injury or illness occurs, Syracuse University and ESF students, faculty, and staff may seek emergency medical services (EMS) by calling SUA.

Call SUA when you believe someone’s life is threatened, when someone faints or collapses, has persistent chest pain or difficulty breathing, or is injured. If you are not sure it is an emergency, call SUA for assistance. One call connects you with an entire emergency medical team: emergency medical dispatch operators, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, physicians, and nurses specially trained to handle these situations. Keep numbers for SUA near your telephone. When you call for help, remember the following:

  • Stay calm. Follow the emergency dispatcher’s instructions and answer all questions he/she may have. PLEASE DO NOT HANG UP UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO. This dispatcher may give you instructions on what to do until the ambulance arrives.
  • Do not move someone who is hurt unless she or he is in danger. Keep the person warm and comfortable.
  • Make it easy for SUA crews to find you. Send someone to meet the ambulance.

Non-Emegency Medical Transport Service (MTS): 315-443-4566

Students who are temporarily disabled, and those with a permanent disability whose transportation has been temporarily interrupted, can receive short-term transportation in the greater campus area to and from the health center, campus, and area medical facilities by calling the Medical Transport Service. Reservations for transport are preferred.

**Services provided by SUA and MTS are covered by the student health fee. On occasion, SUA uses a commercial ambulance service to supplement the University’s emergency medical response. Syracuse University Ambulance and Syracuse University Health Services are not responsible for fees or charges incurred to students who receive advanced life support interventions or other medical care from outside agencies at any time. Students who have not paid the student health fee may be charged for services provided by Syracuse University Ambulance.